ITI Section UK & Ireland

Welcome to the website of the ITI Section UK & Ireland.

The International Team for Implantology (ITI) has, over the past 30 years, developed a reputation for scientific research combined with a concern for clinical outcomes and patient wellbeing. The ITI is now a unique, dynamic network of academic and dedicated professionals in implant dentistry worldwide. The ITI is growing fast and its worldwide membership now exceeds 15,000.

The ITI is committed to providing training in implant dentistry for both newcomers and experienced members of the dental team. With an emphasis on total patient care and safe practice, the ITI Education Programme enables participants to understand and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to assess, assist, plan and carry out appropriate treatment in an individual clinical situation. The evidence based syllabus of each course is designed to meet prescribed educational aims, objectives and learning outcomes.

All Dental Implant Courses and workshops are led by registered ITI Speakers and the content of each is developed and approved by the UK and Ireland ITI Section Education Committee to ensure that high standards of quality are maintained.

Please note that the ITI cannot accept liability for the outcome of clinical work undertaken by delegates following attendance at ITI courses.