Friday, 25. October 2019 09:00 – 18:00

ITI Day- Charting your Course in Implant Dentistry Science, Leadership, and Networking

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Digital Dentistry Transformation for Your Practice
Dr. Stephen Ho, ITI Fellow, Toronto, ON

Can digital dentistry increase predictable outcomes for the patient, practice efficiency, referral and patient communications? Are you ready to digitally transform your practice? Are your colleagues? Is your dental office team ready? Learn about the changing dental landscape with digital dentistry.

Full Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry – From Treatment Planning to the Final Restoration
Dr. Ahmed Ballo, ITI Fellow, Vancouver, BC

The translation of digital technologies into the clinical field of implant dentistry has resulted in new treatment modalities at the surgical and prosthetic level. This lecture will demonstrate the advantages of guided implant surgery over current freehand techniques. It will also focus on fully integrated digital workflow in surgical and restorative implant dentistry, including smile design, intraoral digital scanners and merging of CAD/CAM and CBCT data will culminate in a guided implant surgery technique and digital implant restorative techniques that can ultimately lead to increased predictability and efficiency in dental therapy.

Synergy between Digital and Analog Workflow for an interdisciplinary implant Treatment
Dr. Adrien Pollini, ITI Canada Section Study Club Coordinator, Quebec City, QC

The lecture will detail how the synergy between digital and analog procedures can be used to improve team approach diagnosis and procedure completion in the context of a complex interdisciplinary implant treatment. From implant planning to final restoration material selection, a step by step documentation will allow clinician to assess the value of laboratory digital tools. A specific attention will be placed on the coordination of the prosthetic orthodontic and surgical steps.

ITI Live!
This dynamic session is a whirlwind of different topics on implant dentistry. Participants make the decision on the topics they want to hear through live voting on lecture titles. Each lecture is 8 minutes long. Don’t miss out on the fun, and walk away with a few practice pearls as well!

Why ITI; Grow, Lead and Evolve
Dr. Ezster Somogyi-Ganss, ITI Canada Section Communication Officer, ITI Fellow, Toronto, ON

As the landscape of dentistry evolves, the ITI moves implant dentistry forward with a focus on the science and evidence. Equally important, is mentoring the next generation of clinicians. Learn how the ITI continues to help colleagues adapt and stay on the forefront of implant dentistry and foster peer support across genders, age groups and experience levels.

Using Digital Planning for Dental Implant Placement
Dr. Avi Shelemay, ITI Fellow, Ottawa, ON

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