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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Static Computer-Aided Implant Surgery (s-CAIS)

Alejandro Lanis

This is a recording of Alejandro Lanis’ Webinar on ITI Academy live.

The incorporation of virtual engineering into our profession and the digitalization of information are allowing us new perspectives and innovative alternatives for dental treatments. The use of static computer-guided implant planning software allows the radiographic, prosthetic, surgical and laboratory fields to be combined under a common virtual scenario, permitting an optimization of the complete implant surgical-restorative process. In the following lecture, the data acquisition process, digital planning and clinical execution of this procedure will be thoroughly described.

At the end of this Lecture you should be able to...

  • know the different sets of data necessary for digital planning for s-CAIS

  • understand the designing process and fabrication of a surgical template

  • discuss application of s-CAIS in different clinical scenarios

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ITI Academy live webinar
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Publication date: Apr 26, 2022 Last review date: Apr 19, 2022 Next review date: Apr 19, 2025
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