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About the Scholarship Center

The first postgraduate course dedicated to implant dentistry at The University of Hong Kong was established in 2006 with the introduction of a Master of Science (MSc) in Implant Dentistry program. This is a part-time two-year program aimed at the needs of the practicing dentist in Hong Kong who has already had adequate exposure to patient care for at least two to three years. The candidates are educated and trained to reach competency levels for the treatment of straightforward (S) and, in selected instances, advanced (A) cases.

In autumn 2008, another program, the Master of Dental Surgery in Implant Dentistry (MDS Implant Dent), was introduced. This MDS program is devoted to the entire field of implant dentistry including treatment planning, preparatory therapy, implant installation without or with bone augmentation, prosthetic reconstruction, patient maintenance and dealing with biological and technical complications. The candidates are educated and trained to reach competency levels for the treatment of straightforward (S), advanced (A) and complex (C) cases.

Emphasis is placed on comprehensive treatment planning involving oral implants to reestablish satisfactory esthetics and function under healthy conditions for the partially or totally edentulous patient. Treatment planning is given a special priority in postgraduate curricula and specialist education. Implants are also installed in younger patients who have missing teeth due to cleft lip, alveolus and palate, agenesis of teeth or other hereditary abnormalities of the hard tissues of the teeth and implants also used for orthodontic anchorage.

Overview of clinical activities during the Scholarship year

The ITI Scholar will participate in the following clinical activities:

  • Treatment planning sessions
  • Observing clinical patient treatment

ITI Scholars are invited to attend all the department’s educational and academic events and attend lectures of the structured two- or three-year graduate courses. The ITI Scholar will have only limited exposure to patient care, due to registration limitations on overseas dentists in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the ITI Scholar will be exposed to numerous clinical and treatment planning sessions, both in implant installation as well as prosthetic reconstruction involving dental implants.

ITI Scholars will participate in the Hong Kong ITI Education Week as well as numerous other continuing education events and symposia offered by the faculty staff in collaboration with overseas and regional speakers.

The program also offers ITI Scholars the opportunity to get actively involved in an ongoing research project or to start a new project in collaboration with the faculty staff.

The following are involved in the educational and training program:
Associate Professor Nikos Mattheos
Associate Prof. Edmond Pow
Assistant Prof. Dr. George Fokas
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Niklaus P. Lang
Professor Daniel Wismeijer
Assistant Professor Chatchai Kunavisarut
Dr. Rino Burkhardt

Research avenues may include:
• Wound healing and establishment of osseointegration and the peri-implant soft tissue seal
• Aetiology and pathogenesis, prevention and therapy of peri-implant infections
• Development of therapeutic protocols
Bone regeneration

Patient-centered outcomes and behavioral aspects of implant dentistry
• Clinical research in diagnostic procedures, evaluation of risk factors and antimicrobial therapy
• Quantitative radiology in the assessment of treatment outcomes

Special requirements for this Scholarship Center

Applicants must hold a TOEFL or IELTS certificate as proof of proficiency in English (for non-native-English speakers) by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship program.

Contact details 

The University of Hong Kong
ITI Scholarship Chairman: Prof. Dr. Nikos Mattheos

The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Dentistry
Prince Philip Dental Hospital
34 Hospital Road
Hong Kong SAR PR China
E-Mail: nikos@mattheos.net

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ITI Headquarters
Peter Merian-Strasse 88
4052 Basel

Phone +41 61 270 83 83
Fax +41 61 270 83 84
E-Mail headquarters@iti.org 

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