The ITI introduces a new digital membership package
January 30, 2015

The ITI introduces a new digital membership package

Following the highly successful launch of its e-learning platform – the ITI Online Academy – and in response to the changing needs of professionals in implant dentistry, the International Team for Implantology (ITI), the largest academic organization in the field of implant dentistry, now offers its membership the choice between its classic and a new digital membership package.

As of 2015, ITI Fellows and Members can choose to continue receiving printed copies of the ITI Treatment Guide series and the ITI journal Forum Implantologicum or alternatively to opt for a “digital-only” package. The new digital membership package offers 100 Academy Credits (with a value of approx. 100 Swiss francs) per year to be used to purchase learning content from the organization’s e-learning platform ITI Online Academy, while access to the ITI Treatment Guide and Forum Implantologicum is provided online only.

All the other standard benefits of an ITI membership remain the same. These are intended to enhance professional activities and fulfill the educational needs of the ITI’s Fellows and Members in line with the organization’s mission to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry and related tissue regeneration. Benefits include publications such as the highly acclaimed ITI Treatment Guide book series, free participation in ITI Study Clubs, significantly reduced entry fees to international and national ITI congresses and educational events as well as direct access to the largest international academic network in implant dentistry.

“There is a clear trend towards accessing information and knowledge in digital formats”, said Prof. Dr. David Cochran, ITI President. “As an international organization dedicated to disseminating knowledge and promoting evidence-based education, we certainly have to take this into account by giving our membership the option to choose the format in which they want to receive educational materials from the ITI.”

Membership of the ITI offers a wealth of benefits and the highest quality educational support as well as the opportunity to meet likeminded professionals through the extensive event schedule. Dental practitioners who are interested in finding out more or joining the ITI should go to

The ITI Online Academy
The ITI Online Academy is open to everyone with an interest in implant dentistry – both ITI Members and non-Members. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of implant dentistry professionals, it combines high quality, evidence-based content, maximum flexibility and ease of use to deliver a motivating and rewarding learning experience. A unique user-centric approach guides users along their individual continuing education path. Free assessments serve to identify knowledge gaps as well as signaling learning materials to fill them. A comprehensive peer-reviewed curriculum made up of optimally structured learning modules addresses users at all levels of knowledge and experience. The modules are supplemented by a broad range of additional learning materials such as recorded lectures, clinical videos and case studies that combine to provide focused learning pathways. Anyone with an interest in implant dentistry should register now at

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