Interview: Stephen Chen on Daniel Buser
July 16, 2019

Interview: Stephen Chen on Daniel Buser

After 20 years of leading the Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology, former ITI President Prof. Dr. Daniel Buser retired in summer 2019 as Full Professor and Chairman at the University of Bern. We took this opportunity to ask Dr. Stephen Chen, ITI President, about Daniel Buser’s lifetime achievements and his outstanding commitment to the ITI.


1.   Do you remember how you met Daniel Buser for the first time? Can you tell me the where, when and how?

I met with Daniel Buser for the first time back in 2002 at the ITI World Symposium in San Diego, USA. I gave an oral research presentation on immediate implants in which the risk of mucosal recession was highlighted. Daniel Buser introduced himself to me straight afterwards (of course, I knew who he was) and invited me to participate in the 2003 ITI Consensus Conference in Gstaad, Switzerland. The rest, as they say, is history. 


2.   Daniel Buser is known as a bit of a rock star in the field of implant dentistry. Why is that?

Well, there are several reasons. Danny has a bright, sharp and insightful mind. He is able to cut through the clutter and see the main issues on any given topic. At the same time, he is a strong, dynamic and very generous personality. I can’t even begin to count the number of researchers and clinicians (me included) that he has mentored over the years. And last, but not least, his charisma, passion and energy as well as his ability to hold an audience.


3. Which implant dentistry concepts is Daniel Buser particularly known for? What impact has he had on the field?

There are so many concepts for which he is known. For example, implant surfaces – his contribution to the SLA and later the SLActive surfaces - revolutionary concepts in implant dentistry that have influenced implant surface technology ever since.

Another concept is that of guided bone regeneration (GBR). He became involved early on in the development of biological principles and treatment concepts, and published significantly important preclinical and clinical research on the topic. His first book on GBR was hugely influential to generations of clinicians. And not forgetting implant esthetics. Together with Urs Belser, he promoted treatment concepts that resulted in predictable and stable esthetic outcomes with implants. Danny is an unwavering advocate of the principles of evidence-based treatment and risk minimization to the patient.


4.   What impact has Daniel Buser had on the ITI and where it is today?

Danny has had a massive influence. He was there when the ITI was first established and he has been involved in all the key milestones in the development and growth of the ITI that we know today.

As chair of the ITI Education Committee, he ensured that the ITI Consensus Conferences did not just focus on cutting-edge research, but also developed clinical recommendations to guide clinicians in daily practice. The ITI Treatment Guides, which are incredibly successful and sought-after textbooks, were initiated under Danny’s guidance.

As ITI President, he established the ITI Study Clubs, which resulted in unprecedented ITI membership growth. He also initiated the ITI Online Academy which has grown today to become the premier online education portal in implant dentistry.

The ITI would not be where it is today without Danny's guiding hand.


5.   How has knowing Daniel Buser affected you personally – as a colleague, mentor and friend?

Danny brought me into the ITI, mentored me in my role as chair of the ITI Education Committee, and now as ITI President. He is a true friend, one who has never held back on his time and generosity.


6.   You have worked with Daniel Buser for a long time. What is that like? What impresses you most? Do you have any anecdotes?  

Danny has a razor-sharp mind and memory for time, events and individuals. I should also mention his boundless energy. We spent one Christmas holiday period when he was on sabbatical in Melbourne writing Treatment Guide no. 3. What an experience that was – it was done in less than 10 days! I was completely worn out afterwards.




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