Digital workflow from A to Z
May 2, 2013

Digital workflow from A to Z

The Belgian and Dutch ITI Sections worked together to organize the very well received third edition of the ITI Benelux Congress on the topic of “Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry”. This year, the congress took place in Belgium, in the beautiful city of Antwerp. Around 250 implant dentistry practitioners gathered in order to learn about the latest developments and trends delivered by opinion leaders from the various fields. Well known speakers from both Belgium and the Netherlands shared their experience and expertise with the participants. Top international speakers, among them Irena Sailer from Switzerland, German Gallucci from the US and Paolo Casentini from Italy, also contributed significantly to the overall success of the congress.

This 1.5 day congress began by focusing on the fact that treatment planning is essential for optimal functional and esthetic outcomes: implant placement must be prosthetically driven. At each step, from diagnosis to implant placement and prosthetic restoration, the digital process can help to improve the final outcome. All the lectures clearly identified the advantages and disadvantages of the new technologies and also highlighted their current limitations.

German Gallucci from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, for instance, elaborated on loading protocols and how to integrate these into every patient treatment plan. His take-home message: Use the loading protocol that fits your treatment methodology, but be aware of the treatment regulators that can influence your protocol during treatment execution, and design the prosthesis to fit the chosen loading protocol.

Jan D’Haese from Ghent University showed the audience the results of his literature research on the precision of guided implant surgery. Different levels of precision result when drill guides are placed on natural teeth, oral mucosa, the jaw bone and temporary implants and this has to be taken into account when using these tools.

Besides an intense scientific program, which consisted of numerous other excellent lectures, the congress provided the perfect opportunity for networking and exchange.

“It was a very good congress with a high scientific level, a very good balance between scientific evidence and clinical recommendations, and very little overlap between the lecturers”, said Didier Blase (second from right), who together with Ignace Naert, Daniel Wismeijer and Ali Tahmaseb (left to right) made up the Scientific Program Committee.

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