June 11, 2010

Added value for Fellows and Members: the ITInet

The ITInet is the new global online portal for ITI Fellows and Members. It is a unique platform for worldwide networking and exchange providing continuously updated content and interactive services. The ITInet allows ITI Fellows and Members to share and broaden their knowledge as well as extend their personal ITI contact network.

The ITInet enhances networking and communication among colleagues and friends around the world through, for example, discussion forums at both a global and a local level. ITI Fellows and Members can start new threads, join clinical discussions on topics of interest, ask questions or collect valuable information from a worldwide community of experts. But discussion is not restricted to solely clinical questions. Anything that is of interest to the users – ranging from hotel tips when away from home to purely personal topics – can be addressed. National ITI Sections have their own forum, which allows for topics of more local or national interest to be discussed in the local language.

Each ITI Fellow and Member also has a personal area for individual use. As with other social platforms, users can expand their own personal network, enable ongoing contact with new friends and colleagues within the ITI and get instant updates on their contacts’ activities. Altogether, the ITInet offers a great opportunity to take advantage of the collective knowledge owned by the worldwide ITI community.

The platform also features an innovative and powerful cluster search function, which draws on different scientific sources and dynamically aggregates the results into topic groups. This new technology allows users to launch their own research into various subjects effectively and with ease.

All ITI Fellows and Members automatically receive a login and password for the ITInet as part of their ITI membership and the portal is accessed directly from the public home page. You are only a couple of clicks away from a good discussion and the opportunity to exchange knowledge with more than 8,000 dental professionals worldwide, wherever you happen to be.

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