4th ITI Congress Denmark a great success
April 23, 2013

4th ITI Congress Denmark a great success

This year’s ITI Congress Denmark took place on April 19 in Nyborg, Funen. The main theme of the congress was “Implant treatment in the periodontally compromised patient” and included several national and international speakers, among them Professors Søren Schou (Aarhus University, Denmark), Lisa Heitz-Mayfield (University of Perth, Australia) and German Gallucci (Harvard University, Boston, USA). The congress was a great success, attracting around 250 participants, which is substantial for the size of the country. Among the topics addressed were systemic disease (including diabetes) as a risk factor for implant treatment, timing of extraction and implant placement in periodontally compromised patients, implant placement and bone augmentation in periodontally compromised patients, crown-to-implant ratio and splinting of implants and teeth - impact on implant survival, all in periodontally compromised patients.

The congress included an interactive component in the morning sessions where each of the three speakers presented a patient case, including the periodontal and radiographic status, at the start of treatment and proposed three to four different treatment options. The audience then had the possibility to vote on the best treatment option. At the end of the day, after all the scientific presentations had been made, the audience had the chance to vote once more on the best treatment option for each case, and the results of the morning and afternoon sessions were compared.

The main aim of the congress was to create awareness with dentists that implant treatment is, of course, not contraindicated in periodontitis patients, but that it is nevertheless highly important to get possible periodontal problems under control prior to implant installation. This view found high acceptance with its audience that was, in general, rather conservative in its approach and preferred to keep as many teeth as possible, rather than replacing still treatable teeth with implants.

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