ITI Education Week Melbourne
Current Perspectives in Implant Dentistry
February 18 - 22, 2019


In association with the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Dental School



The five-day Melbourne ITI Education Week is aimed at dental practitioners with some or little implant experience. The course includes lectures, case discussions, live surgical and restorative procedures as well as hands-on sessions. It is designed to provide a sound basis for the treatment of patients with implants from both restorative and surgical aspects at the straightforward and advanced levels.

The program contains a number of live interactive surgical and prosthetic sessions with practical hands-on exercises. The most recent, evidence-based treatment concepts will be discussed as well as case assessment and use of radiographs. An insight into the biological basis for implant dentistry including timing of placement following extraction will be provided. Current concepts in loading and CAD-CAM technology will be discussed.


Course Data

Date: February 18 - 22, 2019
Language: English
Venue: Melbourne Dental School and Melbourne Dental Clinic, University of Melbourne, Australia



Course directors
Prof Ivan Darby
Head of Periodontics
Convener Postgraduate Periodontics
Director of Graduate Studies
Melbourne Dental School
University of Melbourne

A/Prof Roy Judge
Head of Prosthodontics
Convener Postgraduate Prosthodontics
Director of Continuing Professional Development
Melbourne Dental School
University of Melbourne

The ITI education Week Melbourne is directed by Professor Ivan Darby, head of Periodontics, along with Associate Professor Roy Judge, head of Prosthodontics, Melbourne Dental School. It features highly regarded local ITI Fellows such as Dr. Stephen Chen, Dr. Anthony Dickinson, Dr. Robert De Poi, and Dr. Christopher Evans as well as Melbourne Dental School staff.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand both restorative and surgical implant assessment and treatment planning
  • Understand straightforward and advanced implant prosthodontics and surgery
  • Be exposed to complex implant prosthetics and surgery
  • Understand the current concepts in implant dentistry




  • Biological principles of implant dentistry
  • Case assessment
  • Radiography for implant dentistry
  • SAC classification
  • Timing of implant placement
  • Augmentation materials
  • Implants in aesthetic zone
  • Approaches for implants in the posterior maxilla & mandible
  • Immediate loading
  • Bone versus tissue level
  • Loading protocols
  • Management of biological complications
  • Implant complications
  • Case discussions

Live procedures include:

  • Single implant placement
  • Multiple implant placement for fixed bridge work
  • Lower implant retained full dentures
  • Simultaneous grafting
  • Impression techniques and provisionalisation for single and multiple implants


Hands-on sessions include:

  • Placement of bone level implants
  • Impression techniques for dental implants
  • Provisionalisation of dental implants
  • Managing complications


Case discussions cover:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Tips for improving outcomes


Course Fee

Non-ITI Member: AUD 5,500*
ITI Fellow/ITI Member: AUD 4,950*

*including coffee breaks, lunches and course dinner

No. of participants
max. 25

CE credit
40 hours

Difficulty level
Straightforward and Advanced

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