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New membership features for you!

Membership benefits

Get ready for the best ITI membership deal ever! Starting in January 2021, the ITI is offering its Fellows and Members a new, more comprehensive, and digitally improved membership experience. Check out the highlights of an ITI membership below:

  • Unlimited viewing access to all the ITI’s e-learning content for everyone
  • Universal access to the ITI e-library with all ITI publications including the entire ITI Treatment Guide series and Forum Implantologicum
  • NEW: A 50% discount on every print copy of the ITI Treatment Guide series
  • NEW: A 30% discount on selected implant-dentistry-related Quintessence journals and books
  • NEW: Direct purchase of individual e-learning content items towards CE hours by credit card

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Many other popular benefits like free participation in Study Club meetings and Section activities as well as discounts for ITI Congresses, Education Weeks and other educational programs will of course remain unchanged.

24/7 access to the digital versions of all the ITI publications will ensure that Fellows and Members can always rely on the entire ITI e-library when they need information. Those Fellows and Members who prefer print copies of the ITI Treatment Guide, will now benefit from an exclusive 50% discount on every volume of the ITI Treatment Guide series to allow them to add to their personal library whenever and however they wish. And the very attractive 30% discount on selected Quintessence journals and books is a welcome added bonus for print copy fans.

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