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Get the most out of the ITI Academy

The ITI Academy is a treasure trove of online educational material in implant dentistry with over 750 learning items. These learning items are made up of Learning Modules and Congress Lectures to cover the theory and principles as well as Clinical Cases and Videos that show how theory is put into practice. Whilst most of these learning items are in English, we also have a growing body of material in the other languages supported by the ITI. This wealth of content is fantastic, but it has one drawback: as someone new to the Academy – where do you start? Editor-in-Chief Tony Dawson has put together a few tips to help you get the most out of the ITI Academy.

#1 Test Yourself – Academy Assessments

Each of the Academy’s Learning Modules has an accompanying Assessment. Use these to test the boundaries of your knowledge in implant dentistry. If your results indicate that you need to brush up on some things, the relevant Learning Module is where you go next. What’s more, Assessments are always free, and you earn Academy Coins for completing them. These coins can then be used to purchase items on the Academy. The better you score, the more Coins you get!

#2 Dive deep – Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways contain collections of learning items that follow a common theme. Just follow your Pathway of choice and it will take you systematically through an area of study – our pathway map will help you narrow down your choice. These Pathways usually include Learning Modules, Congress Lectures, Clinical Cases and any relevant ITI Consensus statements and recommendations. These can be very useful if you’re looking for in-depth information on a specific topic.

#3 Freeform – Just Browse

Of course, you can also just browse through the wealth of material in the ITI Academy. Watch any of the learning items and then explore the recommended related content. If you already know what you are looking for and have a specific focus, use the Search function on the content pages to refine your options by keyword, category or format to find what you would like to view.

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