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Three ways to earn CE hours online

In many countries around the world, dental professionals are required to prove that they have spent a certain amount of time on continuing education in order to maintain their professional license. For many of you, gathering continuing education (CE) hours on an annual basis is the norm and typically you would be picking these up by attending meetings and congresses. The current situation makes that very difficult to do for most of us, but the ITI has a number of options with which you can keep CE hours coming in.


#1 ITI Online Study Clubs

ITI Study Clubs are free to all our Fellows and Members and, in many countries, Study Club meetings qualify for CE hours. Although most of you can’t currently meet face to face, this does not mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to network with peers and discuss the latest treatment approaches in implant dentistry. All around the world ITI Study Club Directors are moving their meetings online using free conferencing tools and dedicated Study Club classrooms. Check our website at to find a meeting you would like to attend online or just contact your Study Club Director to see what is planned.


#2 ITI Academy e-learning content

An educational bonus for challenging times: All ITI e-learning content is currently free. This allows you to use assessments to systematically explore the areas where you would like to extend your knowledge. Once you have identified the topics you would like to work on, you can just dive into the learning materials and really get going. This way, you get the hard work out of the way and have learned something useful. To testify to your self-instruction education activities and receive certification of your CE hours, you can buy the relevant learning items. The good news for digital ITI Members is that you get 100 Academy Coins per membership year that you can use towards purchasing content.


#3 Complete the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level

If you are relatively new to implant dentistry and you would like to broaden your knowledge and skills in this field, now it is the moment to invest in the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level. With this flexible and self-paced online course, you will learn to assess, treatment plan and restore straightforward implant cases as well as how to carry out day-to-day implant monitoring and maintenance. Apart from a hands-on introduction to clinical skills, the entire course can be done online and allows you to earn CE hours along the way. Currently, the ITI is offering a USD 500 discount on this program.


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