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To accommodate the needs of its growing organization, the ITI has two membership categories, Fellows and Members.

Fellowship qualification and nomination process

ITI Fellows are professionals in implant dentistry who assume official ITI functions on the ITI Board, Committees or in the Sections and show a high level of activity in at least one of the following areas: Education, research or leadership in a professional dental organization.

It is only possible to become an ITI Fellow by nomination.

Nominations for fellowship may only be made by ITI Fellows with at least four years seniority. Each nomination must be supported by two additional ITI Fellows. A letter of nomination accompanied by the candidate's CV and two letters of support, respectively need to be addressed to the ITI Section & Membership Committee and sent to ITI Headquarters. The letters must provide details of the candidate's high level of activity in at least one of the designated areas.

All documentation must be provided to ITI Headquarters at the latest six weeks prior to the upcoming ITI Section & Membership Committee meeting.

The nominator is responsible for the coordination of the support letters. Before submitting the nomination and support letters, the nominator must discuss each nomination with the Section Leadership Team of the country in which the candidate will reside after being granted fellowship. For candidates from countries without an ITI Section, the nominator must discuss the nomination with the the Section & Membership Committee.  

The ITI Section & Membership Committee reviews Fellowship nominations three times a year and makes its recommendations to the Board.

Membership dues for Fellows
The annual membership fee for ITI Fellows as of 2014 is CHF 500 (Swiss Francs). Fellows can choose between two different packages: classic or digital.

Classic package
The classic membership package includes a print copy of every upcoming volume of the ITI Treatment Guide upon publication (available in ten languages*) in the language of your choice as well as a print copy of the ITI journal Forum Implantologicum twice a year.

Digital package
The digital membership package offers 100 Academy Credits (with a value of approx. 100 Swiss francs) per year with which you can purchase learning content from the organization’s e-learning platform ITI Online Academy. Access to each upcoming volume of the ITI Treatment Guide in all the available languages* upon publication (digital) as well as to every upcoming issue of Forum Implantologicum in all the available languages* (digital) is provided online only.

Benefits for ITI Fellows
Fellowship in the ITI entitles you to a variety of benefits:

  • participation and voting right in the General Assembly of Fellows
  • only Fellows are eligible for appointment as members of the ITI’s organs, committees and Section leadership
  • access to first-hand information on the latest developments in implant dentistry
  • a print copy of every upcoming volume of the ITI Treatment Guide as soon as it is published in the language of choice (available in ten languages* – applies to classic package only)
  • a subscription to the ITI journal Forum Implantologicum (available in nine languages* – applies to classic package only)
  • online access to all volumes of the ITI Treatment Guide  and all issues of the ITI journal Forum Implantologicum (via the ITInet)
  • 100 Academy Credits to unlock content on the ITI Online Academy (available in English only – applies to digital package only)
  • significantly reduced entry fees to international and national ITI congresses and educational events
  • access to the online portal ITInet (pdf), a unique global platform for worldwide networking and exchange with continuously updated content and interactive services
  • regular literature updates every two months
  • free participation in ITI Study Club meetings
  • full access to a broad range of national ITI Section activities
  • direct access to one of the largest and most prestigious international academic networks in implant dentistry
  • the opportunity to develop your own personal network with likeminded professionals as well as opinion leaders in implant dentistry and related fields

* Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish; ITI Treatment Guide also available in Russian

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