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How to Become an ITI Scholarship Center

Any university, faculty of dentistry or university hospital department may apply to become an ITI Scholarship Center.

Below is a list of the principal requirements that must be fulfilled:

1. The potential chair of the applying institution must be an ITI Fellow with a strong reputation in implant dentistry

2. The university, faculty of dentistry or university hospital department should be a department involved in implant dentistry:

  • oral surgery or oral & maxillofacial surgery
  • prosthetic dentistry or maxillofacial prosthodontics
  • periodontology or restorative dentistry


3. The department should:

  • be involved in specialty training Masters and/or PhD programs
  • be active in research. A list of all material published in the previous three years must be included and submitted with the application
  • state the number of implants placed and/or restored per year for various implant systems and the range of indications should be as broad as possible


4. The individual departments hosting the ITI Scholar should:

  • document their field in as much detail as possible. Beyond that, show that a comprehensive approach to implant dentistry is taken
  • describe in a short written report how the applicant interprets and implements the ITI's mission statement in the institution's clinical work and research activities

Interdepartmental cooperation within the institution is desirable. The application should also include a description of what an ITI Scholar would be involved in e.g, a sample weekly schedule.

Additionally, it should be indicated whether if an ITI Scholar needs to be proficient in the local language of the host country in order to be accepted at the Center, or if good English skills are sufficient.


Application requirements


If an ITI Fellow would like his or her university, faculty of dentistry or university hospital department to be considered for ITI Scholarship Center status, he or she should contact ITI Headquarters for further instructions.

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